06.05 The ku-ku’s nest - Kumai town and the or angutans

Lars Alfredson
Mon 6 May 2019 08:46

We had a wonderful windy crossing from Karimunjawa to Borneo / Kumai village and slipped into the river, where Lars made a perfect anchorage.

Kumai river is the gateway for timber trade and the water is suspicious brown, because of the goldmines, further up the river.

Just anchored, we were meet by Majid, who offered a guided two day up the river tour, to see the orangutans...an offer we could end refuse! So tomorrow we are picked up for the jungle ride and even got a boat boy to take care of DB while away.

Kumasi village is something on its own! You will find a traditional Indonesian village, but within the traditional houses, you’ll find 3 or 4 story buildings, concrete and no windows at all......Mostly alike the nazi bunkers, you find in Hamburg or Vienna! This is the spot where birds nests are produced for the Chinese marked and the “bunkers” contains millions of swiftlets to produce the nests, to cook a delicious soup.