Bull Cove to Port Howard

Lars Alfredson
Mon 28 Nov 2011 13:54
Pos 52:02.08S 59:46.29W Noon

27102011 Bull Cove

The wind has changed direction and is blowing us against the Jetty. Inconveniently as having got in around 1am its now only 4:30 and we're all getting the yacht off the dock. Having got ourselves clear, the idea was to anchor off, but as we're all dressed up in our silly suits and relatively wide awake we decide we might as well depart.

Having motored our way through narrows and islands we pick up a good 35 to 40 kts wind on the beam and with just a half furled Jib we're making 10kts. As we turn into Bull Cove and into the lea of the land the seas flatten and the wind diminishes.

Flights of dozy ducks give us a fly past though we at a loss to understand why they insist on trying to overtake us and fly around the forestay before dropping astern.

As we work ourselves carefully between the Kelp beds, long strands stretch out from the shore blown by the wind.

We've made good time on the run here and by 1630 we drop the anchor on a rocky bottom mooring off a small sandy beach. After a late lunch we upload the Blog and download a Grib (Weather) File. It shows the wind will be coming around to the West during the night so we decide to move over to the other side of the Bay which will provide better protection.

Anchored off another Bay with a sandy bottom we settle down for the night. Dinner courtesy of Peter as Thomas hasn't been feeling too good all day is a tasty Shepherd's Pie. Early to bed today as we're off at 6am tomorrow, up the Eagle Passage which separates the two main islands of East and West Falklands to Port Howard?

28112011 Bull Cove to Port Howard

Six am and I'm first up followed by Lars. The wind has dropped and ther's a gentle slop as wavelets run against the hull. Weighing anchor and we're away motoring past the Kelp and through the islands.

At 0930 we pick up the "Concordia Bay" on the AIS and we call up Michael, Tamaras' husbands who works aboard. She's a mixed cargo vessel, ferrying cars and people as well as delivering heating oil and general cargo to the communities scattered amongst the many islands around the Falklands and was heading for George Island amongst others.

Thomas goes out to have a cigarette when the heavens open up and send him leaping back inside. The squall last about ten minutes before the sun appears and the wind is blowing a stiff 20kts. We're listening to the Forces Radio which forecasts more showers with snow over high ground and Westerly winds going to gale force. Tomorrow things are set to get colder and windier, welcome to summer in the South Atlantic!

A Breakfast of porridge with an exotic mix of fruit and spices for those that way inclined, I settle for a cheese, ham and tomato roll and the washing up, has been completed. It's now 1030 and we're still under engine with the autopilot taking the strain, Thomas is playing cards games on his I-pad while Lars sews up his waterproofs. Peter's retired to his settee berth and although the sun coming into the "wheelhouse" is warm, it's bitter outside in the wind.

We wind our way past a low flat grass covered landscape with neither a tree nor any sign of civilization in sight. Our course between Speedwell islands and East Falkland puts the wind and swell on our nose and it's not likely to change until we enter the main channel again. By mid-day we should be between Fox Bay and Great Island with an ETA at our destination of Port Howard around 1700.

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