3rd January

Lars Alfredson
Mon 3 Jan 2011 01:18

Lars and I have had a lovely New Year with a few sailing friends that where around at the time.
We had fun and enjoyed some very nice food. 
                         New Year Buffé 2010                                          Guilherme from Zingaro and myself
Some of the sailing crew found it hard work on new year evening with lots of drinking and music.
                John, Phillipe and Lars                                                           John found it hard going
The Fire Works were on different times here in Brazil from way down near Argentina to
up to Natal. Eric and Ann and their group saw the New Year from Rio and Copacabana
which we only watched on a very large TV. The fire works around this area
were 1 hour  after Rio and were great, we saw them from our beach.
    Champers being served just before midnight
Brazil and in many parts around us and even here in Jacaré the people are very poor. Lars and I have
been driving around and the people are either rich or poor, not alot inbetween.  I never seen so much
plastic around as there is here in Jacaré and Joao Pessoa. It's everywhere and no one seems to
care very much.
             Jacaré Yacht Club by day                                                   and by night. Our Christmas Tree
                 Sunset from Jacaré Yacht Club