A chat with the big boys

Lars Alfredson
Tue 23 Aug 2016 02:41
Radio exchange with the Holland America cruise ship "Westerdam". Captain to Captain to talk.

D - Westerdam, westerdan. This is sail yacht Dawnbreaker.
W - Dawnbreaker this is vessel Westerdan on 16. Lets go to channel 10
D - Westerdan, Dawnbreaker on 10. What are your departure intentions. We are planning to manouver out of the pier and will sail pass your stern.
W - Roger that. Dawnbreaker we plan to depart at 22:30 next destination Glacier Bay.
D - Roger that. We will delay our departure to allow you more room to maneuver.
W - Roger that. Appreciate your concern. Back to 16.
D - Back to 16. Safe sailing.

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