Sobrado Bay 27032011 Sunday

Lars Alfredson
Sun 27 Mar 2011 21:56

Disaster! no water. The little problem we had with the fresh water pump bursting a seal and leaking had evidently

been going on for longer than we thought as our newly filled tanks are empty.


So it’s back to the Marina at Paraty for a refill. An hour later both our water tanks and outboard petrol tank are

now full (Had to buy something while we filled up with their water) and were on our way to Enseada de Trindade some 32 nm away.


Despite earlier headwinds, we rounded the headland and upped sails and made good progress in freshening winds.

It soon turned into a race with another French boat ahead of us. Grey Pearl also joined the fray and seemed to be

doing quite well even though he was reefed down. A call on the radio confirm he had his engine on (That will cost him) so that Karine could cook lunch!!



                          Cooking lunch??                                                           Taking off


We overtook both boats and as the wind died, all head for a small bay which turned out to have a very exclusive

private marina/ housing development with a very busy heliport linked via a canal system.


Having anchored we took the dinghy to explore along the inland waterway with it’s beautiful houses

and private docks. One actually had an old classic design, 45foot yacht moored along side.

As we swung in for a closer look, a lady on the balcony of the house asked if we’d like to come up for a beer!




As sat supping on their patio a long chat revealed that the boat had been built of stainless steel by her father

who had now joined us and it was quite famous. Then at no surprise to us by now, our hostess,

Vera Neissener, recognised Thomas from her school days proving as suspected, he does know everyone in Brasil.



                                   Vera                                                                    and father


Having said our farewells we completed our tour, returned to the boat, had a swim, and started work on the Blog, trying to catch up.


Yves, Katrine, Onzo, and Rocky came aboard for Champagne which Yves had brought over the previous

night which did threaten progress but Lars and I soldiered valiantly. When they had gone and whilst still at

our labours Thomas cooked the “Bangers” and we completed our Blogging fortified by our dinner and a little red wine.



                                      Planning                                                                        Our cruising area


Bob the Blog.