Faisaf Island

Lars Alfredson
Sat 11 Jul 2015 10:44
pos 5:31.90S 154:38.51E
Faisaf Island
Friday 10th of July
We decided to leave Buka in the afternoon, after we had updated our e-mails on the internet.
We moved down the coast of Bouganville for a bit and found a nice place to anchor behind a little Island called Faisaf on the west coast of Taiof Island.
There was a village with about 50 very friendly people. I don’t think they had seen many yachties there. Some of the babies started crying when they saw us ugly white people. Everybody was very friendly and we ended up with about 15 kids on board listening to reggae music and eating lollipops.
All is well,
Lars, Bob and Shan