Anchored in Goidhoo atoll

Lars Alfredson
Mon 30 Mar 2020 13:25
POS 4:49.25049N 72:54.74919E

Customs informed us that if we want now we can sail from official port to port.
Official ports are
- Uligan
- Male'
- Hulhumale' anchorage
- Bandos anchorage
- Thilafushi Lagoon and
- Gan/Addu.

So we are heading to Hulhumale, about 85nm. Started early at 06.50. Passed lots of deserted resorts. Not a living soul in sight. Spooky!
Stooped midday for a nice snokel. Blacktip sharks, beautiful.
Continued and realized we had to change night destination. Don't want to navigate in darkness.
Anchored in Goidhoo atoll.

Lars and crew

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