Mamangua 25032011 Friday

Lars Alfredson
Fri 25 Mar 2011 23:44

Pos 23:17.23S 44:38.35W


After a morning swim and breakfast we set out to the island fully kitted with snorkelling gear.

Having landed we follow the path across the throught the bush to the other side of the and onto another beach.

The snorkelling is disappointing as the bottom is sand and weed with not much sealife apart from a few fish.



                                    The other side                                                                     Bob the Octopus


When we return to our landing beach Yves and family have arrived complete with a couple of sets off “Boules”

and sides chosen we commence play. Lars and I finally losing by one point! We then joined by a Norwegian

and a Brasilian couple who live in Florianopolis and have chartered a yacht.



                                        Important game


The tell us that yesterday they came into the bay in the company of over 600 Dolphin!


Its baking hot, Rocky has retreated under the bushes and we head back to the boat to cool of with a crispy beer.

Thomas is on the Barby again and this time double decker hamburgers fill the hole.


After Lunch, up anchor and off to Parati-Mirim for lunch and then on to Saco de Mamangua for the night.


Bob the Blog.