Lars Alfredson
Wed 2 Dec 2015 08:21
pos 3:33.51S 143:37.89E
Wewak, PNG

We arrived Wewak early on Tuesday morning (1/12)
After inspection by Immigration and Customs we were allowed to go ashore for a look at the town.
They seemed a bit more alert than usual.

The explanation for this turned out to be an old wooden fishingboat that was anchored outside the harbour entrance.
As soon as we dropped anchor a boat with some soldiers in approached and told us to move 1000m away from the boat.
When we asked why they said that they suspected the boat was rigged with explosives. It was a Vietnamese fishing boat that arrived a week ago and the crew mysteriously dissapered ashore one night.
Now they had soldiers watching the boat and had sent after a bomb disposal unit that would arrive some time in the future.

Wewak is a tired provincial capital near the big Sepik river that far up into the inner parts of Papua.
when we eventually was allowed to go ashor, we first sent Kenneth to the Hospital to see the doctor. He had picked up a bad infection in his foot. (Not the first time in PNG for my crew)
He soon came back with enough penecillin to cure a Horse.

We went up to to the "In Wewak Boutique Hotel" in the evening for dinner and for me to pick up a packet with charts that I had had sent there.
The dinner was nice but the internet was out and most important my charts was not there!

Wednesday we therefore had to walk up the hill to the Hotel again for Internet and to find out abaut my charts. Internet was working and I soon managed to track my parcel to the Post Office where it was held awaiting a hefty Customs charge. The manager was very nice and treated us to a complimentary lunch.
In the afternoon we went shopping to fill up the stores for the coming 2-3 weeks.

Thursday we hope to be able to fill fuel and water, buy the fresh fruit and vegetables and then hed out to sea again.

All is well,
Lars and crew