Ambae Island

Lars Alfredson
Fri 27 Sep 2013 06:38
Pos 15:16.94S 167:58.73E
Lolowai Bay
Sunday 22/9
We woke up to a rainy morning and after reading i our guide book that Maewo is the wettest island in Vanuatu with an annual rainfall of 4,5 meters!!!,we decide to look for something drier.
We headed for Lolowai on Ambae only 12 NM away. That did not help, the rain was pissing down.
To get to the anchoridge, inside an old crater, you have to pass over a coral bar that is only 2 m at low water. We got there two hours before low water and managed to get in with 150 mm under the keel, phu!
The rain kept puoring down all day and we stayed on the boat. In a lull we managed to go ashore and buy a carton of beer. That made the night! 
Monday 23/9
It rained all night and the dinghy was full of water in the morning.
Reading and taking it easy was on the program for the day.
The weather cleared for awhile in the afternoon so that Lars and Mark could take a short walk ashore before the rain started pouring again.
For the first time since I left Chile, more than a year ago we had dinner downstairs.
m_DSC_0001    m_DSC_0003
                       Break in the rain.                                                                                      Try some Bislama.
m_DSC_0004    m_DSC_0006
                             Pretty goat.                                                                                                 Not a pretty village.                                                                                                                 
                                 But everybody is happy.