Amami-O Shima, Naze

Lars Alfredson
Mon 29 Feb 2016 15:24

pos 28:23.85N 129:29.79E

Sunday the 28th we woke up to a nice day for a change. Sunshine and mild winds. After studying the wheather prognosis we decided to press on for Naze the Islands capital about 35 NM away. It turned out to be a very pleasant day. Shorts and T-shirt weather. All the sails out to air for a while at least.
The only drawback was that both autopilots was on the blink so hand steering was back on.
We arrived at Naze at 17.00. Later we found a nice restaurant nearby and enjoyed a nice Japanese dinner.

Monday the 29th I woke uo at about 6am with the wind howling in the rigging and the mooring ropes squeaking. The bad weather had arrived. Back to sleep.
As this was leap year day we thought we could take a day off and relax.
Away we went and rented a car for some sightseing of the island. We wanted to see something else than the sea for a few hours. In to the center of the island we went. Finding small roads going up the mountains and down. We stopped and walked tracks and mangroves. We sought out the Islands biggest waterfall and had an enjoyable day.
Back on the boat to relax before we went out to dinner we were accosted by about 7 people from the Coast gard, Immigration and Customs. After filling in lots of papers they were happy and we were happy to get some peace.
We went out for a very nice dinner.
The weather is supposed to settle tomorrow, we will see.
All is well,
Lars and crew.

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