Bequia - the colorful island

Lars Alfredson
Sat 22 Jan 2022 12:55

Updates from board

Time for an update from the crew! So, we arriverd in Bequia and Port Elisabeth in the early morning on the 19th before the sun was up but in the light of the full moon . Alot of paperwork inkluding PCRtests for everyone but Alfred (who is still too young to be tested) had been done in Barbados and we were hoping everything would be in order to be able to entry St Vincent and the Grenadines. After two visits at some kind of first checkpoint where all our paperwork, PCR results and vaccination certificates were shown we finally got the slip that allowed Lars to go ashore to customs and immigrantion office. They cleared us and put stamps our passports and finally we were all allowed go ashore. 

This is such a beautiful isand with  mountains raising from the sea covered in green forests and sprinkled with colorful houses. The small town of port Elisabeth includes a waterside walk along the port and all the way to the long beach on the south side of the  bay. Along the walk there are plenty of restaursnts and vendors selling handcrafted jewellery, batik painted clothes and alot of other items. All restaurants are open and here there is no curfew. This is a port frequently visited by sailboats and for the time beeing there are betweeen 100-200 boats anchored i the bay. Even though there are plenty of sailors, this small town is not crowded neither in town or along the beaches wich are nearly empty of tourists! We haven't found any good snorkeling spots here but we have seen seaturtles from the boat at two times. 

Yesterday we visited a turtle sanctuary where this man, Mr King has devoted his life to help raise hawksbill turtles. This is a species which is sevrely endangered mainly because of man, loss of coral reefs and nesting spots. The last 28 years he has been taking care of a few newborns after the turtles have been nesting on the beach just outside of the sanctuary and raising them until the age of 5-6 years when they are realesed in the ocean. And since he started, over 1000 hawkbill turtles have been realesed in the wild. 

We are now getting ready to continue our trip by sailing towards Tobago cays! 


Anna and the rest of us