Day 6 to Tarawa

Lars Alfredson
Mon 2 Jul 2018 20:23
POS 0:34.118N 175:43.482E
Back on the northern hemisphere.
On our sixth day to Tarawa, the last long leg for the season.  Atoll hopping from now on.
Still 180nm to go from the starting 950nm.
We have crossed the equator two times and the international date line, officially now one day behind most of ojur readers.
Tarawa might be a surprise, but from what we have been reading, the atoll is overpopulated, has serious health issies and garbage disposal.  Water is not safe to drink and groceries offer might be limited.  No use for our Safeway card here hahahahaha
All is well and we continue sailing under constant trade-winds, unsual for the equatorial zone.
The only noteworthy event was a sneak attack of a flying fish straight on Lar’s face right after dinner.  It was hilarious and Wania is histerically laughing every time she remembers LArs’ reaction .... smile
thomas DB