Lars Alfredson
Sun 18 Aug 2013 08:41

20130817 Saturday


A slower start today.  We work our way through breakfast then while I do an inventory of the wine cellar Shan compiles a shopping list and gathers up the washing to take ashore to the ladies “Who do” at the yacht club. Once ashore we dump the accumulated garbage, bottles and cans, deposit our laundry and Lars checks in with office. Walking into town I head to the Vodafone shop to sort out my phone while Lars and Shân carry on looking around the vegetable market and getting the bread.


IMG_2930    IMG_2939

                            Future stars                                                                                                       What shall I buy?


Meeting up we proceed to the other end of town to the supermarket, the meat store and the wine shop. At the wine shop our previous Fijian salesgirl is missing replaced by a Chinese lady. She’s on sick leave were told, but it’s not a problem as her replacement is quite amenable to the banter of barter and we manage to get a decent discount for bulk purchase.


IMG_2961    IMG_2951

                                 The market                                                                                                        and main street


Also here Shân finds the beautician’s she’d been told about (also Chinese) and goes in for a “wax job”  while Lars and I take our two trolley loads, one of food the other of alcohol back to the yacht.


IMG_2950     IMG_2944 

                           Chatting with the locals                                                                     vital supplies 


It’s hot sweaty work so we return to the yacht club and make ourselves comfortable with a few Fiji Bitters in the shade of a tree outside the bar while we await Shân’s return. As we’re now comfortable, on her return we decide to stay and have a Pizza lunch after which we book into the restaurant for dinner tonight.





The yacht “Antipodean” we last saw at Musket Cove and owned by “Grumpy Greg’s” mate Mr Jones, is moored not far from us and displayed a wondrous assortment of English, Scottish and Cornish (The Celtic) flags.


As he comes past later in the afternoon we query why no Welsh flag to complete his U.K collection. He explains that the Cornish one is for his wife, as for the rest, it’s all part of his ancestry which with a name like Jones does include Welsh. “In that case you should have a suitable dragon”, we say whereupon Shân goes below and retrieves one of the number I’d asked here to bring out for such occasions. He is duly presented with one to correct this deficit to his display.


IMG_2976     IMG_2980

                       Antipodean                                                                                   now properly dressed. 


Another nice sunset as we sup a little locally produced “Bounty” over proof rum and pineapple juice. Once ashore it’s straight to the restaurant as we know service is terribly slow, as is soon confirmed. But we’re in no rush as the rugby which will be showing next door at the club doesn’t start until 10pm. The meal arrives and although it’s usually better to have starters before the main course both arrive together.


IMG_2967     IMG_2970


Timing is perfect as have time to order a drink and settle down with five minutes to the start of the game. We sit with a mixed audience of Ozzies, Kiwis, Fijians, and a well known Welsh couple. The result is a disaster for Australia 27-47 and they slink out with little sense of humour!


IMG_2972    IMG_2974

                               Rugby night                                                                                                   Mr Jones and fellow oz not happy.


Shân has to be led back carefully as the red wine and excitement have evidently taken their toll though she does manage to defy gravity on exiting the dinghy, just!

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