Back on Dawnbreaker

Lars Alfredson
Tue 11 Mar 2014 07:17

Whangarei 11th of March 2014.

I arrived back to New Zealand a week ago today.
It takes a few days to get used to the 12 hours time difference but it is nice to be back to summer weather again.

The three months back in Europe have been spent in a bad winter with mostly rain and more rain.

It was nice to meet up with family and friends, especially my grand children. All three of them, two of them I had not met before.

Emmy 1 year old in December
                                  Emmy (Karl's daughter) on her 1 year birthday party.

                        Me with Cooper and Ivy (Peter's kids)

I now face a looong list of work to do on dawnbreaker before I can continue my cruise. I will try and keep you informed of my progress in the coming months.

                                           Negative: Hirrani is lonely

                                Positive: New renovated steps.

                               Negative: Port tank ok, Starboard tank full of diesel bug.

                              Positive: New Cockpit table.

             Negative: It has taken me two days to cut this hole in to the cockpit locker.
             Now we can get the broken generator out.

                    Positive: New cushions in the Pilot house.

I will try to keep everybody updated on the progress of work that is being done to Dawnbreaker.