Towards Easter Island, Day 1

Lars Alfredson
Mon 1 Oct 2012 22:55
Pos 33:20S 82:02W
1/10 2012

Sailing towards Alexander Selkirk Island we were for a while escorted by 3 big whales that appeared close to the boat and seemed to check us out.

Whales departed we put out the fishing line and was soon rewarded with a big seabird on the hook. The bird took off like a kite high up in the air.
It took a while to wind him in and remove the hook. He flew away unharmed. No more fishing that day.

We arrived at Isla Alejandro Selkirk at 8 in the morning. There is a tiny settlement here on this big piece of rock.
They live on the Island for the lobster fishing 4 months each year.

The lobster season start 1st of Oktober and all the fishermen was busy putting their gear in the water.
The anchoridge is very open and we realised it would be difficult to anchor and land.

We ended up speaking to some fishermen in there boats. We could not by lobster until the next day. So we took off for Easter Island some 14 days away.