Lola Island and Resort

Lars Alfredson
Thu 11 Jun 2015 09:48
pos 8:18.41S 157:9.90E
Lola Island
Wedensday the 10th of June
Tuesday morning we spook to Thomas on the VHF and the Doctor might release him around noon. We bring him some food and hitch a ride into town and Agnes Lodge. We manage to get a wifi connection at the Telekom shop. I managed to get a few photos off to the blog. The first since we arrived in Solomon Islands. Before we went back to the hospital we ate pancakes and icecream at Agnes Lodge. We managed to get Thomas released from the hospital with a battery of pills, and decided to go to Lola Island. A place we had been recommended to visit. Luckily I managed to find a description of how to find this Island and how to get there when I was on line. Getting to Lola island from Munda ment a long roundabout way between all the reefs. You don’t have any use of the charts because they are very simple and show nothing of anything! We managed to get there late afternoon and after a swim we went ashore to find the owners Joe and Lisa. We found Lisa and had a couple of beers before returning to the boat.
Wedensday morning Steve rented a surfboard and we all went in the dinghy (except Thomas) to “Skull Island”. Once there I and Ewa went ashore while Steve and Sanna went surfing, one in the dingy and one on a surfboard. I and Ewa explored Skull Island and soon found some ancient graves with lots of skulls everywhere. We also managed some snorkeling before Sanna and Steve where back. Back to the boat for lunch, we booked a dinner on the resort for the evening. I and Ewa walked around the island in the afternoon looking for nice birds?. We enjoyed a nice dinner at the resort later after being drenched in a sudden rain squall. A nice place with nice hosts.
All is well (Thomas is mending)
Lars and crew.