Christmas Day

Lars Alfredson
Mon 26 Dec 2011 18:32

25122011 Christmas Day


No one surfaces until nearly noon but the Festive Spirit slowly rouses.

Soon a breakfast of Smoked Salmon and scrambled egg is presented and at the “Pop” of the champagne cork to make the “Bucks Fizz” we all perk up..


Xmas 071

                   Bucks Fizz


Shan’s Christmas presents are handed around, Yo-Yo’s! Peter shows his skills while the rest of us fumble


Christmas Music on, Bing Crosby! (Well there’s no accounting for taste), Lights plugged in and we’re ready for the days challenges.

After a slow start we try to communicate with our loved ones. This is not a good day for “Skyping” as apart from the slow speed at the clubhouse,

the rest of the world are at it. After a failed hour just trying to get onto the system we revert to texting and phoning at vast expense.


A leisurely afternoon follows before digging out the Christmas pudding that I brought, thought we can’t find the custard power that came with it.

All is not lost as we have a tin of “Ambrosia” we purchased in the Falklands.


We start to prepare dinner ready to receive our guests off “Grey Pearl” at eight. Wine bottles are stacked up and a tasting helps with our preparations.

At the appointed hour Yves and Karine and Rocky the dog arrive, Enzo is staying at home with a friend.


The chicken (The size of a Turkey) is done to turn, thought Peter wonders whether there is something missing.

The roasties, leeks in white sauce and gravy from the chicken are excellent.



Xmas 072     Xmas 081

                    Big chicken                                                          



Yves and Katrine are introduced to the wonders of Christmas Pud and proper custard (Not that runny Crème Anglais stuff) Karine confesses to having heard of puds in school but had never had one.


Xmas 090     Xmas 092

               Christmas pudding                                                     Papa Noel      



Yves disappears and misses the surprise appearance of “Papa Noel” who dishes out the “After Eight” mint chocolates to all the good boys and girl.

Rocky gets some chicken from me and I have friend for life.


Xmas 075       Xmas 094

                     Rocky                                                                   Jolly Santa



He stays to join us for coffee and brandy and other exotica before taking Karine home where he wants to give her a very special present as she’s been such a good girl.


Xmas 096

                            Jolly crew


After our guests leave, Lars and I get stuck into the washing up while Peter takes a well earned rest.

He also finds the Onions he had cooked and forgot to serve! Ah well! It’s been a difficult couple of days.


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