Vanuatu photos 1

Lars Alfredson
Sun 15 Sep 2013 06:29
Here is some pics. that we could not post with our previous blogs.
m_DSC_0002    m_DSC_0004
                    What are they cooking?                                                                           Chocolate cake!
m_DSC_0011     m_DSC_0003
                           Happy crew.                                                                                                    Stocked up on Bananas.
m_DSC_0013    m_DSC_0014 
                       Do you want some fruit?                                                                            Yes, two Paw paws (Papaya)
m_DSC_0015    m_DSC_0019
                            Everybody likes                                                                                             a nice sunset.
m_DSC_0020     m_DSC_0021
                         What girls like to do.                                                                                        What boys like to do.
m_DSC_0031     m_DSC_0032                         
                                 The kitchen                                                                                                     The cooker.
m_DSC_0027   m_DSC_0033
                                 Lunch is served.                                                                                  Everybody likes the food.
m_DSC_0029    m_DSC_0040
                               Happy eater.                                                                                         More happy eaters.
m_DSC_0042    m_DSC_0044
                                         Beer or                                                                                                            Kava?
More pictures to follow.