Kimberly Cove

Lars Alfredson
Fri 5 Aug 2016 09:16
POS 57:34.175N 153:49.533W

We spend the night anchored at Carlsen Point. After a brief dinghy stroll we visit a very interesting couple residing full time in real nature living of the land and their business. Captains Kimberly and Dareen. They raise pigs, turkey, chicken and hunt deer. Kimberly grows vegetables at their greenhouse.
They live temporarily on a floating house while building their dream house with the help of two french and one american friends spending the time of their lives in exchange for work
They breed Rottweilers and have a bunch of mean faced bear chasers.
The interesting part .... They are professional bear spotters and own a business called Alaska Leader Tours out of their lodge boat Wild Alaskan. They take up to 12 pax or 20 researchers to come up close to the bears while enjoying an afternoon drink at the ships panoramic stern lounge.

We had a great visit at their house and were gifted with a fresh jar of smoked sockeye salmon and a bottle of the finest tequila.
As professional bear chasers they confided their secret spots on an oath no to divulge them under death penalty. Therefore we go there today on stealth mode.

Thomas and the crew

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