Fletcher Bay

Lars Alfredson
Fri 16 May 2014 08:54
Coromandel -  Fletcher Bay
Position:  36:28.64S     175:23.47E

This is the second time of writing this blog, we seem to have problems sending
so hopefully it will get sent this time.
It's Tuesday morning and we're off to the Northern point of Coromandel
Penisula.  We have been warned that the last 6km are dirt tracks and twisting
roads.  I of course am on the side where there are no fences or anything to
stop us from going over the side, down into the valley below.
It was worst than I thought.  Twisting roads were just the beginning. Bumpy,
dusty and nothing my side, I kept my eyes closed on some corners.  Lars
thought it was fun and enjoyed the whole ride to the very end.
Along the way were some beautiful old trees and I mean very, very old trees.
They were in two layers.  The branches were all twisted and the roots looked
like they grew upwards and around the tree.  They were growing all along
the road and mostly near rocky beaches.

  A small group of Totara trees (we think that's the name of the trees)               Me, on a rocky beaches, I had had enough and told Lars to stop.

When we finally made it to Fletcher Bay (in one piece).  I refused to return on the same
day and said we should stay here for the night even without a power point.  I had had
enough of feeling like a Milk-shake and I was still shaking from the high points I saw
my side.  Lars will be on that side going back but it will have to be tomorrow.
Lars went for a walk along Coromandel Walkway to the other side.  There isn't  any
road going round the point, just a pathway.

                        A view from the other side                                                                     The valley that Lars thought of trying to get down to.

                           One of those lovely Totara tree                                                       A group of Totara trees and the sunset from our Camper Van

                  Dinners ready and Lars is out taking photos                                                      The beautiful sunset from Fletcher Bay

It's a very cold night so it's lovely to snuggle down into our warm beds
and I don't have to think about the bumpy, dusty awful trip back to the
proper roads until tomorrow. Heavenly.

Love Caroline and Lars x