A long days motoring

Lars Alfredson
Mon 1 Jul 2013 01:03

Pos 16:55.46S 178:59.50E

Wainunu Bay


20130630 Sunday


Back tracking on our course, we ease out of the bay, first turning north then east along the top of the island across to Vanua Levu. Our passage then takes us between the reefs and the mainland cutting between Cakau Levu reef and Lekubi Point before skirting around Coconut Point, across Waimunu Bay to our anchorage between the reefs and behind Nasonisoni Island. As most of the marks are missing it makes for an piece of navigation..


IMG_1184    IMG_1183

                       Our cruising area.                                                                                                Sail Rock


Looking to the north and just on the horizon we can see what looks like a yacht with its spinnaker set. It can’t be! We had noticed it yesterday evening as we came in, in exactly the same position. A quick scrutiny of the chart identifies it as the aptly named, Ship Rock.


With the wind on the nose we arrive just before sunset. The water doesn’t look very interesting and there are none of the usual sandy beaches, only mangroves that grow down beyond the waters edge.


Now were back on the big islands the weather changes as the high mountains produce large black rain filled clouds that hover menacingly overhead.


P6290018   IMG_1186 Bin2 Crop

                          Clouds over Vanau Levu.                                                                         Reef spotting.


After motoring all day we are looking forward to dinner, Medallions of Mahi Mahi in beer batter, chips and coleslaw.


P6300040 TT Cook Fix    P6300044 Food Fix

                                 Fish and ships?


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