18042013 Thursday - At Sea

Lars Alfredson
Thu 18 Apr 2013 16:30
Pos 20:49.21S 163:36.27W
19/4 2.30 am

18042013 Thursday – At Sea


Note the date adjustment; think I’ve got my watch and the world in sync at last.


Our “Watch” system started in the rain 8pm consisting of three hour shifts. When I came on to relieve Lars at 0200 it was still raining and the wind was slowly dropping from the 15kts we started with down to 8 and we’re struggling to make 4+ kts.


A sudden small break in the cloud and rain and the stars come out. I find the Southern Cross, the Milky Way and an old friend from back home, Orion. Then the gap disappears and it’s back to intermittent rain for the rest of my watch until I’m relieved by Fred at 0500


0800 and by now everybody is up in time for breakfast and as the rain has gone this is followed by sunbathing and reading. All find their favourite positions I assume the forward Throne but as I overdid it a bit yesterday, seek the shade as the sun rises higher and stronger in the sky. Meanwhile Fred and Grete adorn the deck while Lars seeks solace under the covers of the cockpit.


The Generator has given up again along with the wind so it’s a mixed blessing as are now running under engine and able to take charge from its alternators, though the noise from it does break peace and tranquillity of being just under sail.


Lunch and a beer breaks the day, before we resume our reading. Then its “happy hour” when Fred’s G & T manages to launch itself onto the cockpit floor (We’re getting dangerously short of glasses).


In the process of clearing up the glass we take off the cockpit drain cover to wash away the finer shards only to discover a large cockroach lurking beneath it.

Anyhow suitably anethetised by Fred’s Gin, he submits gracefully to being flushed down the drain and sucked out into the vast expanse of the south pacific.


A glorious sunset and time for dinner after which the watch cycle begins again, setting the pattern for the next four days which it will take us to reach Nuie having done some 125nm on our first day, 430ish to go.


Tonight we’ve all moved on one shift and I’m now on the 0500-0800 slot, so a bit more book before turning in and await the call.


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