The crew is now leaving (English)

Lars Alfredson
Sun 19 Dec 2010 00:13

Saturday December 18th.
The crew is leaving the ship !
After three fantastic weeks on board Dawnbreaker  Eric, Tomas Jonas and Peter
are now leaving Lars and Dawnbreaker for this time. But we will be back.
The trip continues around the world and we are all planning for our next legs on board.
Antarktis would be the ultimate adventure. And maybe the the Rio Carnival!
We have sailed 1600 Nm and spent a total of 10 nights at sea. We have enjoyed every minute of it !
Fernando do Noronha was the place we liked the most !
Tomas and Eric have now checked in at a hotel in  Tambau waiting for family members
stuck in Sao Paolo and Lisbon due to the extreme winter conditions in Europe.
Tomas'  60 year celebrations tomorrow is now at risk. Hopefully the family members will drop in during the night.  
Jonas and Peter is flyng home to a wintry Sweden on Monday. Let´s hope the planes are flying then.
Eric and Tomas will stay another two weeks and celebrate Christmas in Pipa (Natal) and New Year in Rio with families.
Lars and Caroline will join the Christmas celebrations and then continue down to Recife where a new crew will arrive
A visit to a restaurant with a hot Samba band.
The girls at the next table were laughing when Eric and Jonas joined the Samba party
But they didn´t want to get their picture taken.
The last couple of days have been spent around the Marina,
 taking it easy, cleaning the boat and spent time with the other sailors.
  Launch of the weekend motor boats
  Per from Norway in his Maxi 130.                                                                            
We are now leaving the blog in the hands of Lars.
Hopefully we will be able to follow Dawnbreakers continued trip around the world.
         Eric,Jonas,Peter,Lars and Tomas
We wish you all a Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Year!!!