Last preparations

Lars Alfredson
Sat 22 Sep 2012 20:36
                                                                  Crew all together
Well alright then!
Welcome to those that are reading this, the Dawnbreaker blog, Saturday 22nd Sept, 2012!
My name is Steve Hart and I am a 44 year old Australian drifter who has floated randomly into the path of Lars and his amazing boat the “Dawnbreaker”. I am now heading into the Pacific from Chile with the boys tomorrow, Sunday morning, and so as i write this its the last day for Captain, crew and “Dawnbreaker”in Puerto Montt, where she has spent her winter nice and safe. 
I jumped onboard first time yesterday around 4ish and Lars and the boys made me very welcome and showed me around my new home with beers in hand! Friendly fellas and an incredible boat! We all had a great night eating some left overs and drinking red wine  with both myself and Hernan on the guitars and jammin before and during dinner .. there will be lots more guitar played on this boat as we roll, fa sure! Not too late of a night and I am sleeping on the lounge, which takes lounge surfing to a new level, particularly when we are under way! Lars set me up with some great bedding and after more that 30 hours with no sleep travelling to this spot I passed out easy.
Woke this morning early and walked outside to the dock and it was amazing, so still and peaceful as the first light of the sun peaked its rays over the boat and danced on the water, truly beautiful and the day was away! Mike did a great breakfast in his style and I stirred the porridge for him!! 
The four crew, Mike, Cabral, Hernan and myself walked up the hill by the docks and jumped on a little bus heading downtown for the final shopping before departure. The bus was full of happy locals and there was some very cool South American music playing as we motored along to our destination, the view of the Andes over the water was sensational.  Lars stayed behind while we shopped and set up and played with his new aerial and other bits of his boat! We conquered the market place and returned in a taxi that bottomed out a few times with the weight of the four of us, plus driver and all the food we scored, we just scraped home!!.  Food squared away and Hernan went at throwing a lunch together while I sat outside and drank beer in the sun listening to Pink Floyd .. yes life has gone to shit for me!
Right now Lars and the boys are off in our dinghy delivering a message to another boat saying goodbye, pink floyd is still playing while I sit here alone typing. Tonight is all of us out to a local restuarant for the final Supper and tomorrow we sail into the Pacific and the unknown.
                      Sails are coming up
                                              Skyping from the office
                    Another flag going up.
                                                          Clearing out.
                                     Grey Pearl awaiting her crew.