Sightseeing day

Lars Alfredson
Wed 19 Oct 2011 15:46

Buenos Aires 18102011


After all the activities to date its time to play tourist. Lars and I opt for the City open-top bus tour OAP tickets for Argentinians only,

Peter heads off for the train to Tigre 40p for 1 hour train ride up-river, and Thomas as ever empties our wallets yet again and goes of “Meat” shopping.


The sun maybe out but the wind whistling through the top of the bus is freezing. We are informed of the many Architects who designed

this building and that, the various Statues and Parks donated by different nations to celebrate the centenary of the Argentine revolution

who owned which palaces etc. We pass the palace of the Peron's with a massive statue of Eva in front, the English Tower and opposite the memorial to the Argentinian soldiers who died in the Falklands/Malvinas war.


m_IMG_2168     m_IMG_2175

m_IMG_2196    m_IMG_2217

                         Tin house                                                                                                The flower that closes at night



Three hours later we decamp and crossing one of the many 14 to 20 lane boulevards with their parks in between the groups

of lanes we head down a two kilometre pedestrian street full of shop and arcades in search of a pressure cooker for Thomas.


m_IMG_2220      m_IMG_2229

                             Spring is here                


m_IMG_2232     m_IMG_2243

                                 Monumental                                                                         Enooormous



We find one but the valve is missing and we are informed by the Staff of this enormous department store its only one they have

and they can’t find the valve. We abandon our search and head for lunch in of the many Café’s enroute. An omelette and a beer and we set off back to the yacht.



                                    Thirsty Cardinal


Lars and Thomas head out for their date with the port authorities to get our permit to go from Argentina to the Malvinas and return,

I stay aboard to download pictures and catch up on my blogging now the battery has been recharged on my computer.


The sun of the morning gives way to the gathering clouds that darken as the day progresses. First a few drop herald the arrival

of rain then the heavens open to a true tropical storm, hatches shut we retreat below. Eventually the storm passes and we make for the Club

for a shower and dinner before and earlyish night ready for our departure from Buenos Aires in the morning.


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