Roaring in to the forties

Lars Alfredson
Mon 31 Oct 2011 15:37
Pos 42:02S 62:10W Noon day 3.

I write this log under considerable duress hanging on as we scream along at
speeds of upto 16.2 kts surfing down a two metre sea on a reach with a
following wind. the sun is shining and quite hot out of the wind at 15
degrees and a water temperature now droped to 12.7C

During the night we were goosewinged and therefore restricted in our ability
to manouver when we ran into the fishing fleet who as usual with all their
deck lights on made it very difficult to discern their direction as their
navigation lights disappeared in the blaze. We speed along under a clear
sky, phosphourescence lighting up our wake and the white horses of the waves
we were outrunning like some crazed form of Aintree!

As the winds we have waited for are now with us we managed 192nmiles noon to noon
a great run and at this rate it looks like we should be in Peninsula Valdes,
the bay for whale watchers and location of Peurto Madryn by about 2000.

As we crossed the 40th Paralell yesterday at 1700 we crossed paths with a
large bulk cargo vessel heading for Iran and saluted him and our crossing
with the traditional Gammal Dansk. We are now officialy in the Roaring Forties
and we're certainly roaring along.

Bob the blog (Barry)