Rio 12032011 Saturday

Lars Alfredson
Sun 13 Mar 2011 23:27


This morning the Outboard Mechanic gets the motor fixed while we try to get the Blog off,

but the Internet is overloaded with the weekend sailing activities and we can't get access.

So lunch at the Club and off to the Naval Museum.



                                                                           Two beautiful sterns!


 Having done the Submarine, an ancient Destroyer and the beautifully restored “Royal” barge.

It was time for a beer. Behind the Glass and Concrete in a leftover remnant of the old city we find a suitable

Bar and from here we follow the sound of music to a Samba Band playing in the Square before returning.

That evening we have been invited to join our French friends who are off to the Carnival, but they have left

by the time we get back so we decided (as it had started raining again) to return to explore our new discovery

and are rewarded by finding a great restaurant in a nicely restored old build.



                                           Street music                                                                       Cais do Oriente


Getting the bus back and fate took hold again when it took us as far as the Sambadrome and promptly

terminated at the Carnival. So off we went and actually bought tickets only to discover they were or

the Stand furthest from where we were, so what’s new, more walking!  Surprise, on the way we bumped

into our “Amis” who were in the review area but since we had tickets we carried on through a very poor part

 of town which was partying away. The Stand was jammed packed and having fought our way in amongst

the dancing crowd managed to get a spot. The Parade was spectacular as these were the finalist.

Everyone except us new the all the songs (They all sounded the same to me!) and dances and were doing their thing.

A guy clutching a plastic bag full of ice and beer approached (there is a God!) And we set upon him.



                                                                                                                                                Sambad out                        


By 03:00, being terminally deafened and all Samba’d out we approached a taxi but his fare of R$80 was too many

beer tokens even in our desperate state so it was off the Metro. The station was closed but we were directed

to the next and back to base for R$2.80, a much better offer. We met a costumed group who had been in the parade,

one of whom spoke good English and after and interesting conversation and a try out their kit, (photos are available)

we parted. A short dinghy trip from the dock and so to bed at 0400.


Bob the Blog.