Another boring day

Lars Alfredson
Fri 9 Jun 2017 02:05

Busy day today. First things first, our hole was welded and hull painted on the spot. We back in the water tomorrow.  After it, a trip to the hardware store and the marine shop for our last items.  

Conny is installing the new shower mixer in the masters bath, Lars is installing the new circulating pump for the fridge, while Thomas is clearing our the pantry and working on a 3 month bulk shopping list.  

Weather is typical Washington state, wet and 12C.  It is supposed to clear by tomorrow.  

Will all this mechanical work it is a mess inside with tools and empty part boxes spread all over. 

To add this disgrace we have a clogged sink outlet covered by the tractor rubber support and can't wash the dishes nor clean the counters.  Tomorrow will be heavy-duty cleaning day to get back to civilized life. 

With the arrival of Jurgen we plan to depart on Sunday morning.  

We ended the day with Happy Hour drinks while having the "shopping list" meeting. 










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