Kyoto and farewells

Lars Alfredson
Fri 15 Apr 2016 09:15

Tuesday the 12/4
We started early for our trip to Kyoto. It took us a few hours to get there especially as we took a wrong train somewhere and ended up going in a roundabout way involving a few extra train changes.

We started our visit in Kyoto with going to the Golden Temple. It was packed with people and it was difficult to walk around.
A big difference when we got to the Imperial Palace. There you have to book a visit in advance and go around in a guided group. Unfortunately the english speaking group was fully booked, so we did not understand the japanese guide. Nice things to look at just the same.
Now it was time for a late lunch so we went to an area called the Philosophers Path. A very nice area along an old canal. After lunch and a nice walk it was time for the 3 hour trip back to the boat. We stopped for dinner in Osaka and were back on board at 21.00.

Wedensday 13/4
Ivan and Lone took the train to Tokyo early in the morning.
I want to thank them for a great 3 weeks doing the Seto inland sea.
We have experienced lots of interesting places small and big and always accompanied by flowering Cherry Trees.

Thursday 14/4

Work day. Thanks to Mark Smith a local expat my propane problems are solved. He helped me with a contact to a gas man. I ended up having to buy new japanese steel bottles and a new regulator. Strange rules in Japan.

Saturday my new crew arrives. Uno, Viola and Johan.
Till then, all is well.

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