Back in Puerto Williams

Lars Alfredson
Mon 13 Feb 2012 00:37
Pos 54:56.10S 67:37.1W Puerto Williams for the third time.
After a nice sail down from Porto Barracho we are now back in Puerto Williams to do the paperwork for leaving Chile and sail to Ushuia in Argentina tomorrow.
Below are some nice pictures from our week long trip in Patagonia.
m_DSC_0515_20120205_1500       m_P2050055
                        My new friend/gnägget                                                                     The Cowboys
m_P2050064       m_P2050419 
                   Captain in deep water                                                                        After horse party
m_DSC_0542_20120206_1527         m_DSC_0579_20120207_1564  
                         Bying fish for wine                                                                             another one........
m_DSC_0640_20120210_1625      m_P2100476 
                         Going up                                                                                                  At the top
m_DSC_0643_20120210_1628       m_DSC_0700_20120210_1685  
                          Wiew from the top                                                                     For almost everybody
m_P2100481      m_DSC_0697_20120210_1682 
                      Throwing marbles/ puttekula                                                              inside the glacier
                    Problem solved
The crew on Dawnbreaker