Tewatewa Island

Lars Alfredson
Wed 6 May 2015 23:34
pos 10:36.13S 151:46.01E
Tewatewa (Hummock) Island
Thursday May 7th 09.00
Yesterday we had a beautiful sail from Basilaki Island.
We arrived at about lunch time a were met by a fleet of local sailing canoes coming out through the reef.
This is the first time we have seen sailing canoes. Beautiful boat built from logs.
At the reef entrance, Rodney met up with his dugout canoe which we tied up to the back and he directed us in.
We spent the rest of the day snorkeling and visiting the village with its 75 people. We were guided around the village by an old man and about 20 young children. All the scholl children was in school on a nabor island. They only come home for weekends.
Ewa cooked us a lovely dinner and to top it off Rodney brought us a crayfish (lobster) that was ours for a t-shirt and some sugar.
Unfortunately it has been raing a lot all night and is still coming down.
We are waiting for the weather to break before we move on.
All is well,
Lars and crew