Lars Alfredson
Tue 18 Dec 2012 14:10
Pos 14:57.93S 147:38.44W
Tuesday 18/12
We arrived Rangiroa on Sunday morning after tacking up between Tikehau and Rangiroa in the dark.
You can’t see the atolls but you hear the surf on the reef when you get close.
We entered through Avatoru Pass and anchored outside the Kia Ora Resort.
In the afternoon we tested the famous drift dive through Tiputa Pass, but we did it snorkeling.
It is always a rush floating past the coralls and fishes at several knots speed.
It was not as good as some other atolls we have been at, but anyhow nice.
Monday we went ashore to the sleepy little village and bought some bread.
In the afternoon and evening the tropical rain was pouring down, quite refreshing in the heat.
Tuesday we are sailing to Manihi Atoll where there is supposed to be a Manta cleaning station that we want to check out.
Calm sailing,
Lars, Grete, Fred