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Date: 11 Dec 2011 14:05:10
Title: Carcass Island and Elephant Seals

P Patison 007      P Patison 043
                         Carcass Island settelment                                               Caracara bird
P Patison 046       P Patison 017 
                       Lorraine and Rob                                                                        Palm Trees?
Elephant Seals 007      Elephant Seals 004
                         Playful Dolphins                                                                    Hard landing
Elephant Seals 024       Elephant Seals 013
                       Welcome commitee                                                                      Go away
Elephant Seals 022       Elephant Seals 032
                           Cosy corner                                                                            Swimming Pool
Elephant Seals 043      Elephant Seals 036
                     I’m the man                                                                                   Beach bath

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