Steve & Carol
Thu 7 Oct 2021 17:25
37:07.368N 008:37.189W
As it was spring tides we were very limited as to where we could anchor at low water and so it looked like we were right in the entrance from some angles some of the time 😬, though we have been up to Alvor before we haven’t stopped here and found that we preferred it to nearer the town, it was easy to get to town for a wander by dinghy and the first time we went there we went at low water to get a track on my phone navionics for deep water channel up to the town anchorage should we decide to go in Innamorata at a later date, the charts like the buoys are far from accurate and i seem to have lost our tracks from 2017 - although with shifting sandbanks etc we wouldn’t trust them but they would have been helpful information!!! There are 2 buoys both are not safe markers to use - at low water the red was high and dry and the green was in the middle of what looked like a deep water pool! There were also 2 large sandbanks before you get to the buoys which should be marked but aren’t! 

Alvor is a pretty little town with typical cobbled streets and pavements throughout the old town, as with most of the towns/villages there are numerous restaurants which attract tourists.
View from Alvor.