Back to Sibenik for a shop at Lidl!

Steve & Carol
Mon 29 Aug 2022 15:00
43:42.884N 015:54.007E
We had an early morning paddle board around the bay while we waited for some wind to arrive, the water was still and really clear so we were able to see a few fish as we went although looking down isn’t very good for ones balance! Once the boards were stowed on deck there was a little wind so we headed off and had pleasant sail back to Sibenik. we anchored a little further into the bay, we decided not to go ashore as the could looked ominous, there was some weather - wind, thunder and lightening forecast to pass inland of Sibenik which of course decided to come our way instead so it was a good job we were on board or we would have got wet and been a little anxious about Innamorata!
This was the sky at about 5 pm! it did cheer up and turn into a rather nice red sky later though!
The next day we were out early and headed to the shops to stock up and were about to move on when Steve and Jannine on Jack the lad came into the anchorage and anchored near us, of course we couldn’t miss a chance to catch up with them so stayed another night and had a lovely evening on board Jack the Lad with them and Craig.