Playa de las Tejitas, Tenerife

Steve & Carol
Sat 19 Nov 2011 16:25
28;01.74N 16;33.33W Playa de las Tejitas.
We were disappointed with Santa Cruz – we arrived after the office was closed so in the morning Steve went to pay and found out that we had to pay a lighthouse and port tax which is payable every 30 days in Spain – however most marinas/ports don't collect it and we were totally unaware it existed! Due to road works going on along the seafront you had to walk a long way round to get to the town which was large and busy but not as nice as we had expected it to be, everywhere there are high rise ugly blocks! Anyway we spent 2 nights in the marina and left this morning to head south hoping to meet up with someone from Brighton marina who is now living on his boat at the south of Tenerife. On route Steve caught a small skipjack tuna which is the first fish we have landed, we were glad it was only small as it was easier to handle and the outcome more successful than the last bite we had, caught, filleted, cooked and eaten within the hour, Steve had a very tasty lunch! We are now anchored on the south of Tenerife not far from the airport in a little bay.
We think Paul and Catherine on Kahir set sail yesterday for the Cape Verde islands so we didn’t manage to meet up in the Canaries maybe we will see them in the Cape Verde's!  Flapjack a boat we know from Greece emailed yesterday to say they had arrived here so hopefully we will see them before we head off.