Thompson Bay Long Island

Steve & Carol
Thu 26 Mar 2020 17:30
23:21.175N 075:08.358W
We set off with Endless Summer to cross the Comer channel at high water, it was a windless calm day and the water colour was spectacular! The least depth under our keel was 0.5m with about 0.9 of a meter of tide so we wouldn’t have got far at low water but had an easy motor across the shallows. A hitch hiker come and rested on board for an hour or so 😀
On route we saw 3 or 4 sharks in the water - I didn’t manage to get a good picture though you can just make one of them out  in the picture below?
Steve enjoying the view from the front of the boat 
When we arrived in Thompson bay  there were about 15 other boats here already, we anchored and  saw a Dutch boat  we had met before - soon another Dutch boat we had met but not recognised came over to say hello to us from the dinghy - Rules are changing daily - currently you can not get on other boats or go within 6 ft of someone ashore, no visiting beaches, you can still exercise and go ashore for essentials - provisions, pharmacy, fuel and propane and no inter island travel. Respecting this we went ashore to find the shop and replenish our provisions, the sign on the shop says only 4 people at a time in the shop and wait outside to be let in, we duly waited and were let in when it was our turn, the shop was well stocked with both dried and fresh produce so we got what we needed - of course they were Bahamian prices so not cheap but not too bad either. We are mindful not to deplete the locals of supplies but also want to slowly get enough to be able to make a long passage if necessary, I have supplies on board - but as we were going to be in USA in May and flying home I am not overly stocked up with lots of staples - rice, pasta, flour etc as all prone to weevils and don’t have a great number of tins, just what I thought I may need in the next 6 weeks or so before we get to America. Now though with the world changing daily and countries closing boarders and stopping flights etc we are not sure where the boat will be this summer!