Steve & Carol
Sat 6 Aug 2022 16:30
43:29.183N 016:06.818E
After doing the laundry and a quick pop to Lidl with Zena, we set off and sailed to Venisce - a deep inlet with a large bay at the end surrounded by holiday homes and apartments. 
There were a few boats there but mainly private yachts not charter ones and nearly all Austrian or German. We anchored near the head of the bay and Steve began to fit the pump, it was too late in the day to run the watermaker properly but we ran it without pressure for a while to ensure there wasn’t any air in the system. 
The following day Steve went out paddle boarding and I got in the kayak and we went for a jaunt, Adriana arrived and anchored near by, they have just got a paddle board but theirs also has a kayak seat on it and Zena had her first go kayaking on it with me in my kayak. Steve paddled over to an American boat we noticed in the anchorage and arranged for us all to go ashore tonight for drinks - Heather and Robert are spending the winter in Tunisia like us and Adriana 😁. After a nice cold shower we all headed out and found a bar, we had a lovely evening and are getting quite excited about wintering in Tunisia, we now know 3 or 4 boats who are also going there so it should be fun 🤞.
We had another day playing on paddle boards and kayaking - I had a go on Craig and Zenas paddle board as a kayak and found it actually worked pretty well, doesn’t turn very easily but it's so much easier to get in the water and stow than my kayak - maybe I will get one in the future? Craig and Zena headed off - Zena needs to go to Zadar so they are heading to Trogir, after paddle boarding and kayaking we got in the water and spent an hour or so giving the hull another clean - well you have to keep on top of it and we gave the keel another clean - I even managed to get down and clear a few barnacles off the bottom of the keel - something I could do easily in the Caribbean but am so out of practice holding my breath its hard work at the moment!