Back in the water.

Steve & Carol
Fri 2 Nov 2012 17:49
With Sandy and the bad weather gone we started to dry the inside where water had got in and put the boat back together, putting the spray hood , mainsail, solar panels, rolled up dinghy, wind generator etc back in place while we waited to go back in the water. The storm has left the weather much colder than before so we are having to wrap up and run the heating.  Lydia and Bill let us stay in the house and use the pick up until Wednesday so we were able to get provisions etc. We went back in the water yesterday morning and stayed on the dock for a couple of hours to wash the dinghy and fill up with water before anchoring in the bay to put the genoa and staysail back on, we can move around the boat  without climbing over things.
Bill and Lydia with the truck they lent us.
The lovely home they lent us.
with its wonderful view –                                                       
which wasn't quite so nice all the time
It was great to be able to drive straight into the garage during the wet weather
Boats queuing up to be lifted out of the water for Sandy
The docks all underwater during sandy.
You can see how close to the waters edge Innamorata was and why we were so relieved that the water level didn't rise as high as it was predicted to thanks to the wind direction going round to the west.
It was great to see her happily where we left her
Going back where she belongs
While out of the water we made a leather wheel cover from offcuts we got at the boat show I sewed it on so now we have a nice warm wheel to hold – just as well with the change in temperature.m_PICT0001