Isla Colom

Steve & Carol
Sun 29 May 2022 16:27
39:57.331N 004:16.354E
The sea had calmed right down with only a little residual swell left, we sailed the few miles round to Isla Colom and anchored in the clear water on the southwest side of the island, it's possible to go in-between Menorca and the island but as its only about a metre deep we went round the outside, it's a pretty anchorage which is popular with local boats so being the weekend there were quite a few boats out for the day, we only had one  small sailing boat anchored our side of the shallows, however all the small boats that came and went from the anchorage took a route past us which was a bit annoying at times 😉! By night fall there was just a catamaran and us in both anchorages!