Day 11 New Years Day

Steve & Carol
Sun 1 Jan 2012 14:45
Position 14:02.15N 49:44.00W at 1400 UTC
We have been making better progress with the stronger wind and have covered a more respectable 160 nm in the last 24 hours, however our wind instrument decided to die during the night – its wireless and with a little solar panel on it to keep it charged and had no power left in batteries! of course today is cloudy so not helping but we are hopeful that it will come alive again at some stage today, without it we cannot set the auto pilot to sail to the wind and therefore it needs constant attention as the wind changes in strength and direction frequently, as far as the wind strength is concerned we really don't mind not having it,– its either very windy or not and sometimes better not to know!
We are both tired but neither has a hangover and it was the quietest New Year we've had for long time.
Only 600 miles to go yippee.
Happy New Year