Cala De La Calobra

Steve & Carol
Sun 15 May 2022 14:23
39:51.223N  002:48.273E
After 4 lovely sociable days in Soller we had itchy feet to move on and headed off a few miles further along the coast to a gorgeous bay called Cala De La Calobra, its a large Cala incorporating 3 small bays, the centre one of which has spectacular cliffs with a gap and a tiny stoney beach where a stream/river - the Torrente de Pareis enters the sea when there's enough water in it. It’s a dramatic, pretty anchorage which we shared with 5 or 6 other boats. I went for a kayak around the Cala, the water clarity was amazing it was easy to see our anchor was well dug in even though we anchored in 11meters of water, there were also some underwater holes through the rocks which were deep blue coloured with the sunlight shining through, unfortunately I am in need of a new charger for my underwater camera so couldn’t take any pictures! I did take my other camera out briefly to get some picture of the boat from the kayak but wouldn’t risk getting it wet 
Later once the majority of beach goers had left we went ashore for a wander, we rowed to the beach and pulled the dinghy out of the water a few feet. the view was lovely. Behind the small beach it opens up into a mainly dry riverbed. Day trippers and walkers come by car or bus to a hotel in one of the bays and get to the beach area via some tunnels in the rock which are in part natural crevices with manmade floors. We walked through the tunnels to get a view  different view of the Cala and Innamorata
We stayed a second day and donned wetsuits to get in the water and do some more hull cleaning - only half the keel left now, as a reward we were also treated to a gorgeous sunset.