Weems Creek, Severn River, Annapolis

Steve & Carol
Mon 1 Oct 2012 23:43
38:59.88N 76:30.22W We left this morning to make sure we found somewhere to anchor for the Annapolis boat show.
The boats that had attended the Gam had been leaving in a steady procession all day yesterday and again this morning so it was time to go.
Just as well when we got to Weems Creek it was pretty full already so we will stay put till after the show.
The boat jumble at the Gam turned out to be expensive as we bought ourselves an SSB radio, tuner and grounding system, just need the antenna now.
It’s fitted and working with a temporary length of wire as the antenna, we were able to hear the others clearly on the net this morning.
The bank balance really is hurting now but you can’t miss these opportunities.