Less than 200 miles to Falmouth

Steve & Carol
Mon 24 Jun 2013 09:08
48:52.37N 09:04.35W at 0900 UTC
Yesterday we continued to have good wind all day and made good progress, overnight the wind reduced further and went more westerly until this morning when after trying the cruising chute for a while we gave up and turned the engine on, with just under 200 miles to go to Falmouth we want to get there tomorrow not Wednesday! There was a fair bit of traffic yesterday and overnight, a Dutch sailing boat was in sight for a while until he fell behind us and have seen 3 or 4 ships. During my night watch some dolphins gave me a great display in the light of the full moon which helped time go quickly, at least the nights are short and its only dark for about 6 hours unlike the 12 hours of darkness we had when we went west.
All is well and we are looking forward to tomorrow – nice hot shower and hair wash!