Steve & Carol
Thu 30 Jun 2022 13:30
40:08.967N 018:29.396E
Another good sail down wind with just genoa and mizzen to Otranto round on the Adriatic coast of Italy, when we arrived we anchored in the big bay, the water was crystal clear turquoise - just gorgeous and so inviting but first things first! We launched the dinghy and went for a wander ashore, we were hoping to get a new camping gaz bottle here but at €29 for 2.7kg we didn’t bother, I did get in for a swim - cool down afterwards though! 
The following morning we went ashore again to get bread and a few bits, after we got back to the boat Craig from Adriana called to say he had just downloaded the latest weather and was leaving for Brindisi! We quickly looked at the weather and indeed it showed today would be a good day to move as the anchorage here is open to the east and easterly winds are forecast followed by northerlies! We hastily lifted the dinghy, took outboard off etc and got ready to head up the Adriatic to Brindisi.
We lifted the anchor and were on the move a little after 11am, initially we motorsailed to keep our speed up - it's about 40 miles and as we plan to go on the free town quay we would ideally have left earlier!