Flying fish

Steve & Carol
Wed 3 Jan 2018 14:34
20:34.29N 30:52.75W
We have had yet another good 24 hour run of 168 miles and are all very pleased with our progress, we still have 3 reefs in both genoa and main although the wind is now decreasing a little we haven't needed more sail yet. The sun is shining with some clouds and its quite warm during the day, the ride is a little rocky and rolly to say the least but I think we are all well rested and happy with life on board. The sea temperature is now up at 25 degrees – not that we plan to get in it but now its warmed up we have flying fish leaping out of our way or that of predators.
When we spoke to Windsong and Believe yesterday we were actually only about 45 miles from Believe and a tad further south, Windsong is still sailing in a straight line for Barbados and was a little over 100 miles north and a little further west.  We haven't met Believe – Rick, his wife and son are American and heading for Antigua so we might never see them face to face but its good to know they aren't far away – especially as they left the day before us!
There is a meteor shower tonight – I don't know if we will get to see anything as the Moon is just 1 night off full and will be very bright still, hopefully no clouds I will let you know tomorrow if we see anything.