Uvala Hramina, Murter

Steve & Carol
Thu 18 Aug 2022 14:53
43:49.479N 015:35.294E
We took advantage of a southerly wind and headed off back down the River Krka, through the lake and down the bay of Sibernik, today there was more activity on the fish and muscle farms with workers feeding or harvesting their stocks. 
Once out through the Canal of St Anthony we were able to sail and got the mizzen and genoa out, it was a down wind sail and so we didn’t need the mainsail, to start with the wind was light but it increased during the dy and we had a great sail in up to 20 knots of wind, we were heading to Murter and once we rounded the small islands north of it we decided to motor the last mile instead of beat into the 20 knots on the nose! 
The bay was quite busty but most boats were heading to the marina, we chose a spot near another British boat we noticed which was flying an Ocean cruising club flag - the first member we have seen since we met Adriana and Endeavour in Mehon! once anchored they shouted over and invited us for drinks, so at 6 we headed over to Minnie B and met Philip and Norma - Philip is the vice commodore of the Ocean Cruising club, they circumnavigated and were in the Caribbean when we were there in 2012/13, they have been in the med for a few years now and are currently based in Preveza, we had a lovely evening, they entered Croatia from the north and are making their way south so we exchanged information on places we had visited and found out we had quite a few friends in common! 
We stayed a couple of days, the first day we pumped my paddle board up but due to the large amount of fuel on the water gave trying it out a miss, we did both go out on our paddle boards the second day before the wind picked up though, mine seems a bit wobblier than Steves but I managed to stay dry!  We went ashore for a wander around the shore area of the town, had some fun watching the many yachts vying to get on the fuel berths - it was madness, one of the attendants said he had never seen it like it before and said it was crazy! there was a queue going out into the bay! 
There is also a small wharf with traditional l boats in it and some fishing gear art.
Philip and Norma suggested we take a walk to the church of St Rocco - the protector of people who are ill from leprosy, cholera and other infectious diseases, typically the 16th August is St Rocco day and they have a procession through the streets of the old town so we missed that by 3 days 🙄. Anyway the church is on top of a not very high hill at the top of the old town, so we took a walk, it was worth the effort in the afternoon heat! The old town was charming, narrow paths lead off the one road that goes through it and branches off up to the church. Although not all of the figs are ripe and ready to eat there were some on the many trees worth stopping to eat 😊. 
On ur way back to the boat we popped over to see Robert and Heather who arrived in the bay the day after us.