Conception Island, Bahamas.

Steve & Carol
Sun 6 May 2012 20:33
23:51.1N 75:07.34W We has an overnight sail the 150 odd miles to this uninhabited island paradise, leaving early yesterday morning we arrived early this morning and anchored in crystal clear water with 4 other sailboats (3 we know) and 4 motor boats. On our way into the bay you could see the sea bottom 22meters down as though it was a couple of feet deep. On route we saw large splashes of a whale jumping out of the water in the distance, I only got a  glimpse of the actual whale once through binoculars though. Conception Island is a National Park and has pink sandy beaches and coral reefs for snorkelling and diving on, we went for a snorkel after we arrived, we were amazed at the clarity of the water and saw the usual parrotfish, damselfish, blue tang etc as well as a couple I didn't recognise and we weren't  impressed with the big barracuda which took to following us! There is very little wind forecast for the next few days so we will be staying here enjoying our unspoilt surroundings until there is wind to sail to Georgetown.