Day 4 Happy New Year

Steve & Carol
Mon 1 Jan 2018 15:28
22:26.72N 025:25.02W
Happy New Year everyone – we hope you all have a great 2018. We had a quiet new year on board, we have been doing shifts of 3 hours on 6 off since we left which is working well , we keep it up 24 hours a day and although are all up at times during the day we don't pass much time together at shift changes in the night. we have had a great 24 hours averaging 7 knots and doing 169 miles. No dolphins or whales just a shearwater. We had a  ship pass a couple of miles behind us which was nice and our first sighting since we left we have had a few on AIS the furthest we have picked up is 386 miles away!
The other 2 boats we are in contact with on SSB were both similar degrees Longitude but we are all spread out with us in the middle on latitude. Windsong is heading straight to Barbados and is the most northern boat, I am sure that by todays net he will be pulling ahead!